What is ASIABIM?

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Welcome to ASIABIM, a blog dedicated to give you practical information on real ARCHICAD-based OPEN BIM collaboration and interoperability, regardless of other softwares and disciplines.

The main intention is to show you the technology in general and in details as well, help you with everyday tips and tricks or solutions to submission issues, provide info on user events, share best practices and many more. Guest bloggers will be presented every now and then and will always be welcome, what’s more encouraged to post here. Comment and let us know your ideas and experience, we also plan to share and promote great posts from other blogs. The content will mainly focus on topics that are most relevant in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Though there is a great demand for implementing BIM – especially OPEN BIM – in Asia the implementation process is sometimes filled with the fear of change, often resulting in failure and is limited to using one single software and getting bound to its constraints. BIM is a great thing when used wisely and should be embraced even more widely to create better buildings. Obviously everyone has their own preference of tools – we also do, nevertheless we will always be happy to present the better solution, because this is what OPEN BIM is about – using the best tools for each task and make them work together.

Working with Revit Structures and ARCHICAD through IFC? Need to check regulation compliance with Solibri? Want to use Tekla BIMsight for on-site coordination? Preparing for a BIMx presentation for authorities or your client? Can solve a crazy design issue in Sketch Up or Rhino/Grasshopper only but want to make it a real BIM project? Quantity Surveyors require you to do a CostX export for them? These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Being BIM-enthusiasts, architects and technology experts we love production just as much as we do design and will intend to keep the content balanced and make sure everyone finds their taste from beginners to long-time BIM Managers, from interior designers through contractors to quantity surveyors.

Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed, comment, discuss below or contact us directly via the About us page if you to know more about a specific topic.


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