Managing Types for IFC Manager

In the post Selection by Type in ARCHICAD using IFC Manger we saw how to use IFC Manager to select by type in ARCHICAD. In this post we will be going through the steps on how to manage the types in ARCHICAD.

Launch IFC Scheme Setup from File Special/IFC 2×3/IFC Scheme Setup….

IFC Scheme 1

1., Set the Filter Scheme Elements: to Type Objects

2., Select the IfcWallType

3., The attribute shown in the Scheme Properties will be used to group types

4., The users can add custom properties that links (mapped) to other ARCHICAD parameters to categorise them further. Ex. Wall height is not used for type and if the user want use that as a type parameter then they can click on New Property / Classification to custom properties (shown below in Creating New Property)

5., Finally map it to wall’s height parameter (Shown below in Creating New Mapping Rule) and then return to IFC Manager to see the effect.

Creating New Property

1., Click on New Property / Classification (4) in IFC Scheme Setup dialog box. That will launch Create New IFC Property / Classification dialog box.

  • Choose Custom IFC Property and
  • Enter Type Property (custom value) for Property Set Name (This can be re-used for additional properties),
  • Enter Wall Height for Property Name,
  • Choose Single Value for Property Value,
  • Choose IfcReal for Value Type (this is based on the type ofparameter that is goind to be mapped later)

IFC Scheme 2

2., Click OK. The new property is already created (1). Click on New Rule (2) in Mapping Rules in Order of Priority:

IFC Scheme 3

Creating New Mapping Rule

IFC Scheme 4

New Empty Rule is created.

1., Click on Add Parameters…

2., Choose Height from the Wall’s available Parameter

3., Click >> Add >> to select the parameter

4., Click OK and see the new rule (1). Click OK to close the IFC Scheme Setup (2).

IFC Scheme 5

Now Launch IFC Manager (File Special/IFC 2×3/IFC Manager) and see types created based on height as well. Similar way it is possible to categorise any property and use for Type Products.

IFC Scheme 6

Note: If the Tree is not up to date! (1), please Synchronize list to model (2). Alternatively you can use List visible model elements only (3) to refresh and filter the list.

IFC Manager 6

Thanks for reading, see you with the next post 🙂


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