Selection by Type in ARCHICAD using IFC Manager

When working in BIM environment there is always a need to work in more than one BIM authoring tool due to the final project deliverable. Each of them have their own strengths and we might miss certain features of one BIM authoring tool in other. One such REVIT feature the users feel missing will it is ability to modify elements based on type – all at once.

Most of the time other BIM authoring might have such features but the user might not know as they have just started exploring the new tool. In this post I am sharing how to perform REVIT like selection by type in ARCHICAD using IFC Manager tool. This tool is developed to mange IFC data inside ARCHICAD for OPEN BIM collaboration through IFC export.

Open your ARCHICAD Project, switch to 3D view, launch IFC Manager from File Special/IFC 2×3/IFC Manager.

IFC Manager

Minimise the right panel of the IFC Manager dialog by clicking on the arrow in the top middle of the dialog box. Move the dialog box to have a better view of the model.

IFC Manager1

Make sure Type Product (second icon) is select for the bottom panel of the IFC Manager and minimise all the nodes to element level by clicking on the [-] in front of the nodes.

IFC Manager3

Expand the wall type IfcWallType (x) by clicking on the [+] sign in front of the node and then try expanding wall types further.

IFC Manager4

Now you can select by type.

1., Select the wall by clicking on the IDs with icon, CTRL/CMD+click to add multiple items.

2., Click Show list selection in model button on top right of the IFC Manager’s top panel to select the elements.

IFC Manager5

I know the next question is How to Manage Types? Let us see that in the post Managing Types for IFC Manager.


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