Filtered IFC Export for eBDAS-BScore Computation

SIACAD eBDAS is an add-on module for computing Buildability Scores (BScore). The requirement is specific for Singapore projects, with the recent emphasis on BIM, SIACAD have developed the eBDAS BIM as  an “Add-In”  for  Revit  / ArchiCAD (IFC).

To read more about eBDAS, please visit SIACAD website at


This post will show how to set up the IFC translators for your ARCHICAD project before exporting it for eBDAS BScore computation.

1. Open the project and go to the menu File/File Special/IFC 2×3/IFC Translation Setup….


2. Duplicate the General Translator.


3. Rename the translator for easy identification.


4. As it is only for export, select the option from the arrow in front of the translator.


5. Choose the IFC Domain Filter Options… from Import/Export Filter Options.


6. Choose the elements that need to be exported from the list.


7. Save settings and close the dialog box.


8. Save as… IFC 2×3 file, choose BDAS Export as the translator.


9. The settings can be shared with other users in your firm by sharing the XML file.


10. Use eBDAS application that works with IFC and complete the process. To understand how to use eBDAS please check the help from eBDAS application.eBDAS.JPG


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