Labeling IDs of Surfaces and Building Materials

I recently found a post on LinkedIn discussing the possibilities of labeling an abbreviation (ID or code) of elements, mainly the Surfaces. Since there is no perfect solution, two main ideas emerged other than using external label objects: use Labels along with Properties or IFC mapping. Though the first may seem to be easy to set up with ARCHICAD 20, it has its risks when it comes to change management since the Properties are not tied to other attributes that may change (for example Composite or Surface) unless you ALWAYS use Favorites, so let’s have a look at the Label tool options and the attributes instead.

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‘BIM – the GRAPHISOFT Way’ – in FuturArc


FuturArc features an article in its current issue on GRAPHISOFT and the BIM approach of the company. Furthermore you can read how its products fit into the OPEN BIM workflow, why it is focusing on ARCHICAD instead of covering all AEC disciplines with one single solution and how the licensing policy will affect the upcoming years.

Just visit and click to view the sample for the March-April issue 🙂

But How to Start with BIM?

In case you came across the term BIM recently you have probably learnt its benefits by now but might find it hard to start with. There are endless number of blogs, forums and threads all around and it has been an ongoing issue on ARCHICAD-related media as well recently, not surprisingly. Although it seems to be an infinite topic, the framework can be defined quite simply.

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What is ASIABIM?

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Welcome to ASIABIM, a blog dedicated to give you practical information on real ARCHICAD-based OPEN BIM collaboration and interoperability, regardless of other softwares and disciplines.

The main intention is to show you the technology in general and in details as well, help you with everyday tips and tricks or solutions to submission issues, provide info on user events, share best practices and many more. Guest bloggers will be presented every now and then and will always be welcome, what’s more encouraged to post here. Comment and let us know your ideas and experience, we also plan to share and promote great posts from other blogs. The content will mainly focus on topics that are most relevant in Singapore and South-East Asia.

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