Buildability Detailed Design and Implementation Plan with ARCHICAD + Excel

It is a requirement in Singapore to produce and submit color coded floor plans with tabulation of walls that shows legends, buildability types (BType), lengths, labor saving index (LSIndex) and buildability score (BScore). As we are doing it in BIM we can add part 3D models showing the floor as well. As part of ARCHICAD’s OPEN BIM approach the team have developed a very good inter-operable solution with Excel. Let us see how to do this with ARCHICAD + Excel.

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Filtered IFC Export for eBDAS-BScore Computation

SIACAD eBDAS is an add-on module for computing Buildability Scores (BScore). The requirement is specific for Singapore projects, with the recent emphasis on BIM, SIACAD have developed the eBDAS BIM as  an “Add-In”  for  Revit  / ArchiCAD (IFC).

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This post will show how to set up the IFC translators for your ARCHICAD project before exporting it for eBDAS BScore computation.

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