Custom Curtain Wall Junctions

Creating custom components from scratch using the default tools and saving them as objects is a relatively simple way to extend the content libraries thanks to the File/Libraries and Objects…/Save Selection as… command. However this menu doesn’t list Curtain Wall Junctions as an option.
As ARCHICAD 22 is on the way with its improved Curtain Wall functions, it is worth going through the trick of converting an existing SketchUp component for example into an ARCHICAD Curtain Wall Junction. (The method is the same when modeling it from scratch with ARCHICAD tools.)cwj14

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Custom 2D Details for ARCHICAD Windows

Some users like to have their own 2D representations created with lines and fills for the default window with a little bit GDL scripting, let us look at how we can achieve that and how to control it with ARCHICAD’s Model View Option (MVO).

window2d_08 copy.png

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Editable Topography from ARCHICAD to Revit

Recently came accross a situation where the Design Architect need to exchange ARCHICAD model with their project partners. The Main Contractor was using REVIT for their BIM process. So, there was a need for conversion of ARCHICAD model to REVIT model via IFC.

The project has large topography as it was a infrastructure project and all of them were created using Mesh object in ARCHICAD. When the topography was transferred to REVIT via IFC that becomes as a Model In-Place element which can not be edited easily. The Main Contractor requested for Toposurface which can be edited further in REVIT. This article covers the solution on how to re-create an editable Toposurface in REVIT using the data exported from ARCHICAD.


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Importing and Editing SketchUp Objects – the Whole Story

It’s been mentioned many times regarding ARCHICAD that any type of element, object or opening can be freely created or imported and customized with it. There are many workflow descriptions in general, but most of them cover only parts of the workflow, so when you actually want to do it you realize that you will need to go into the details of GDL scripting and coding if you need a decent 2D view of your objects or if the 3D is too detailed, which can easily be a few of those top things to freak out an architect with. The good news is… the fuss is NOT a must!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.53.07

Importing SketchUp models and fine tuning them in ARCHICAD we can save the modelling time and also customize our objects to our taste to create amazing visuals or use real manufacturers’ products without even being advanced level users.

The ARCHICAD Help Center contains the relevant articles about the steps of the workflow: importing the objectsediting the GDL scripts and improving the 3D, which show that we can go into endless details, so let’s save some time by focusing on those that are actually necessary for us – and those missing links that are not mentioned at all – in one post.

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