Data Safety, File Recovery and Troubleshooting

ARCHICAD usually got you covered by sophisticated solutions in case of a crash, apparent data loss or file damage, but sometimes manual recovery or troubleshooting might be needed. The following post collects the backup and recovery options and the location of those logs and folders that should be sent as part of support queries regarding Teamwork issues.


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Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live Connection – Simple Example

In this article I will be focusing on a simple example to demonstrate RH-GH-AC live connection, another wonderful OPEN BIM workflow from GRAPHISOFT. We will start with an input from a ARCHICAD (AC) file and based on that input a set of balconies will be created using Grasshopper (GH) which is running on top of Rhino (RH). There is not much use of RH but we need Rhino to run Grasshopper.

Initial Setup

Make sure all the three applications (AC, RH and GH) were installed along with live connection add-on from GRAPHISOFT running.

Refer to Grasshopper ARCHICAD Live Connection 1.5 User Guide from the following link:

Chapters to focus:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Launch the Applications
  3. Start the Connection
  4. Grasshopper Palette in ARCHICAD

Grasshopper Help

To understand this exercise there is a need for basic understanding of Grasshopper. Please refer to the following links:

Input from AC

  1. In ARCHICAD create a simple building with 10 Story + Roof. Set the Story to Story height as 3000 mm. Create a Complex Profile for the railing as well. Alternatively download the file from the link here.
  2. Use Line tool to draw a line from point P1 to P2, suggest to draw the line in 2nd Storey.
  3. Select the line just drawn using the Arrow tool.


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Buildability Detailed Design and Implementation Plan with ARCHICAD + Excel

It is a requirement in Singapore to produce and submit color coded floor plans with tabulation of walls that shows legends, buildability types (BType), lengths, labor saving index (LSIndex) and buildability score (BScore). As we are doing it in BIM we can add part 3D models showing the floor as well. As part of ARCHICAD’s OPEN BIM approach the team have developed a very good inter-operable solution with Excel. Let us see how to do this with ARCHICAD + Excel.

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Importing and Editing SketchUp Objects – the Whole Story

It’s been mentioned many times regarding ARCHICAD that any type of element, object or opening can be freely created or imported and customized with it. There are many workflow descriptions in general, but most of them cover only parts of the workflow, so when you actually want to do it you realize that you will need to go into the details of GDL scripting and coding if you need a decent 2D view of your objects or if the 3D is too detailed, which can easily be a few of those top things to freak out an architect with. The good news is… the fuss is NOT a must!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.53.07

Importing SketchUp models and fine tuning them in ARCHICAD we can save the modelling time and also customize our objects to our taste to create amazing visuals or use real manufacturers’ products without even being advanced level users.

The ARCHICAD Help Center contains the relevant articles about the steps of the workflow: importing the objectsediting the GDL scripts and improving the 3D, which show that we can go into endless details, so let’s save some time by focusing on those that are actually necessary for us – and those missing links that are not mentioned at all – in one post.

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Highlighting Elements by Properties – Part 1

One of the key submission issues to BCA in Singapore is to highlight the elements by certain properties. While it can be easily solved in Revit by setting Filter Rules (in details here) or using the Color Splasher add-in it needs a workaround in ARCHICAD as for now, but thanks to the increasing demand for the feature this will probably change soon with one of the major updates of ARCHICAD. Until then, don’t let this stop you from using it if it suits more your design needs as there is always a solution!


Elements highlighted in Revit

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