Labeling IDs of Surfaces and Building Materials

I recently found a post on LinkedIn discussing the possibilities of labeling an abbreviation (ID or code) of elements, mainly the Surfaces. Since there is no perfect solution, two main ideas emerged other than using external label objects: use Labels along with Properties or IFC mapping. Though the first may seem to be easy to set up with ARCHICAD 20, it has its risks when it comes to change management since the Properties are not tied to other attributes that may change (for example Composite or Surface) unless you ALWAYS use Favorites, so let’s have a look at the Label tool options and the attributes instead.

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Splitting Rules of IFC Mapping

This post is to follow up on the previously published ‘Syncing Zone Cover Fills and Floor Finishes’ article where we mapped the Cover Fill value of the Zones to a custom made IFC property and made it appear in the Zone Stamp, this way saving some time, but most importantly reducing the risk of human errors when the user has to manually update the Floor Finish parameter of the Zones.

We also faced a minor (?) problem: since the naming convention of the Fills is diverse, not all Fills can be used right away to be displayed with their names as Floor Finishes. For example all ‘Pavement xx’ fills should only show ‘Pavement’, instead of showing the full name, including the version number.


Splitting the IFC Mapping rules is a way to solve this problem. A similar case where rule splitting was involved for the Zone Names has already been presented on this blog by Chidam, this post intends to give some detailed explanation on the rule splitting particularly, so it is easier to embrace it. IFC Mapping is NOT ONLY for model exchange purposes!

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Usage of New Line (\n) in Zone Names + Usage of IFC Parameter and IFC Mapping

If you enter \n after the first word in the zone name the zone name will be displayed in two lines (Ex. Meeting\nRoom). But this will cause an issue while creating schedule of zones. This can be managed with IFC Parameter and IFC Mapping. Let us see how to do it.


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Syncing Zone Cover Fills and Floor Finishes

Working with the Zones requires a few manual adjustments which can be missed easily, such as setting the Floor Finish text to represent the same as the Cover Fill set for the floor plan representation. This process can be automatized with a very simple workflow using IFC Mapping and by displaying IFC data in the Zone Stamps.

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