Editable Topography from ARCHICAD to Revit

Recently came accross a situation where the Design Architect need to exchange ARCHICAD model with their project partners. The Main Contractor was using REVIT for their BIM process. So, there was a need for conversion of ARCHICAD model to REVIT model via IFC.

The project has large topography as it was a infrastructure project and all of them were created using Mesh object in ARCHICAD. When the topography was transferred to REVIT via IFC that becomes as a Model In-Place element which can not be edited easily. The Main Contractor requested for Toposurface which can be edited further in REVIT. This article covers the solution on how to re-create an editable Toposurface in REVIT using the data exported from ARCHICAD.


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Project Base Files for Coordination – Explanation

This post is to follow up on a request for explanation of each step on the post Project Base Files for Coordination. Let me write this post to further explain the steps.

Why there is a need for Project Base Files?

As mentioned in the post Project Base Files (PBF) are project specific templates in various tools used for BIM authoring.

  • PBF consists of Location, Orientation, Grids and Levels. These information can be based on national standards or agreed settings by the entire project team through BIM Execution Plan (BEP).
  • This is to make sure everyone (BIM Authors) start with the right foot.
  • This will ease the co-ordination process when the models from different BIM authors (disciplines or trades) are merged together.
  • This is to represent the real world condition of the entire building (including all disciplines) virtually.

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Filtered IFC Export for eBDAS-BScore Computation

SIACAD eBDAS is an add-on module for computing Buildability Scores (BScore). The requirement is specific for Singapore projects, with the recent emphasis on BIM, SIACAD have developed the eBDAS BIM as  an “Add-In”  for  Revit  / ArchiCAD (IFC).

To read more about eBDAS, please visit SIACAD website at http://siacad.weebly.com/ebdas-bim.html.


This post will show how to set up the IFC translators for your ARCHICAD project before exporting it for eBDAS BScore computation.

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Project Base Files for Coordination

Architectural team shall setup a Project Base File that can be used by the rest of the project partners to facilitate smooth coordination. Base file can be called as a project specific template that consist of the common project settings like Location, Orientation, Grids and Levels. This is required regardless of the BIM authoring tool selected and if more than one tool (ex. Architectural in ARCHICAD, Structural in Tekla and MEP in REVIT) is used then it is good to have the setup in all selected BIM authoring tools. The settings shall be exchanged through IFC as well.
Let us see in this post on how to setup the project base file in ARCHICAD and REVIT.

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Selection by Type in ARCHICAD using IFC Manager

When working in BIM environment there is always a need to work in more than one BIM authoring tool due to the final project deliverable. Each of them have their own strengths and we might miss certain features of one BIM authoring tool in other. One such REVIT feature the users feel missing will it is ability to modify elements based on type – all at once.

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