Creating Topography in ARCHICAD from AutoCAD Survey Data

Prepare the AutoCAD file

Open Surveyor’s dwg file and check whether it is done as per local practice/standards, for example:

  • Units = Meters
  • Block or Point is used to represent each survey point and placed at a correct global coordinate (X,Y,Z) – Use LIST command and pick the element to check


Now we are ready to Extract Data from the survey points.

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Project Base Files for Coordination

Architectural team shall setup a Project Base File that can be used by the rest of the project partners to facilitate smooth coordination. Base file can be called as a project specific template that consist of the common project settings like Location, Orientation, Grids and Levels. This is required regardless of the BIM authoring tool selected and if more than one tool (ex. Architectural in ARCHICAD, Structural in Tekla and MEP in REVIT) is used then it is good to have the setup in all selected BIM authoring tools. The settings shall be exchanged through IFC as well.
Let us see in this post on how to setup the project base file in ARCHICAD and REVIT.

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