BIM Server Upgrade to BIMcloud Basic

Along with the arrival of ARCHICAD 22 comes a big change in Teamwork as well, the BIM Server is replaced with BIMcloud Basic, which is a great step towards better compatibility (no need for matching builds) and allows the individual updates of ARCHICAD and the BIMcloud Basic components. The overall functions remain the same and the fully-fledged BIMcloud will retain its name as well.


Even though it is only a name change from the users’ point of view,¬†and the GRAPHISOFT Help Center also has an article on the upgrade process briefly here, it is worth going through the update process – I will show the before/after stages below.

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Breaking Hotlinked Modules in Teamwork

When having Hotlinked Modules in Teamwork projects you might have run into the problem of not being able to break the hotlinks as in the solo projects. Reserving the modules and/or the Hotlink Manager dialog itself doesn’t solve the problem either, the Break Hotlink button is still greyed out…


The reason why this just stopped working after ArchiCAD 17 is purely technical and intentional by GRAPHISOFT, therefore there is an alternative solution for this sought after function.

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