Bird’s Eye View of a Building to be Placed in Master Plan

There are times when you need a Drone view of the building to show in Master Plan. All you need is the outline of the building, but it takes a lot of time to get a clean and crisp overall boundary of the entire project. And, in case there are updates and re-submissions, the whole process is tedious to re-do.

In this article, we have listed the steps to simplify the process to achieve the drone view of the project as Master plan by using two main tools namely, Graphic Overrides and Fill Consolidation in Archicad. So let us dive into the steps and see how it is done.

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Converting Sketch Models into BIM Models

There seems to be a clash between design sketch models (typically coming from SketchUp or Rhino, but even if they are created with ARCHICAD) and models created for proper BIM use when we need to convert one to the other since they are built with completely different approaches by people with different mindsets.

In a sketch/design model you just want to freely place elements and play with the forms in 3D. In a BIM model however everything should be structured and well-organized. For example in sketching there is no such thing as Home Story, but in ARCHICAD everything has a host. The problem is that a designer would be placing elements in 3D where the design makes it fit and would not want to think about Home Stories and such at the time which can cause some headaches later.

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Polygon Reduction in ARCHICAD

If your model is feeling laggy or sluggish, especially in 3D, it may be due to a high number of polygons in the model and on-screen. For example, when navigating in 3D, there is a drop of frames (image stutters).
This article can help you to identify, prevent and reduce polygons in your model, and have a leaner and more efficient model to work with.

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Schedules with Zero Values

ARCHICAD Schedules can only list existing elements by default, but we can use a bit of a trick to go around this behaviour and list what is not really there as well. This is needed sometimes when the user wants to create a schematic section for example or just list different types of areas. This is typically an item created manually in AutoCAD or Excel, where the different areas of unit types can be added onto different stories and if a unit doesn’t exist on a particular level it can be set as 0.00 or left blank. This – to show zeros – is not an option in ARCHICAD as the Schedules only list what is there and not what is not, therefore the item would simply be missing from the Schedule instead of showing up as “none”, zero or anything like that. Makes sense from the software’s point of view, but still… we need something like that. Or this:


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