Revit to ARCHICAD Exchange – Door Swing Issue

Recently came across an issue with door swings when IFC file is exported from Revit 2019 ( The doors get mirrored when imported into ARCHICAD or Solibri. This is a big concern as the submission drawings were produced with swing direction against the exit direction. This was due to missing information in Revit. The Door family should have the Operation parameter defined and there is also a specific way to indicate the door swing with lines.

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View Settings of Details

Views of Details will inherit the settings of the original viewpoints, but how to update these settings, once the Detail is edited? The View Settings have a few options disabled…


In the case above I want to change the representation of the Column: turn off the crosshair and use a Graphic Override to change the cut fill.

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Level Marking in Section and Elevation for a Site with Multiple Buildings

ARCHICAD now allows the user to hotlink multiple blocks with different story settings. Only item that need to be taken care is Level Markings as it do not come from the hotlink file and users have to mark the level with lines and text. The object SectionLevel_GSSG was created to improve this process. The level marked for Block A is from the source file and the one shown for Block B is the new object. The object can be downloaded from the link.


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Site Plan in ARCHICAD

Site plan shows Plan of the buildings from top view (elements can come from different levels) and the site information from ground. ARCHICAD has the required information in different storeys. This article will focus on how to combine those information to prepare a site plan.

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BIM Server Upgrade to BIMcloud Basic

Along with the arrival of ARCHICAD 22 comes a big change in Teamwork as well, the BIM Server is replaced with BIMcloud Basic, which is a great step towards better compatibility (no need for matching builds) and allows the individual updates of ARCHICAD and the BIMcloud Basic components. The overall functions remain the same and the fully-fledged BIMcloud will retain its name as well.


Even though it is only a name change from the users’ point of view,¬†and the GRAPHISOFT Help Center also has an article on the upgrade process briefly here, it is worth going through the update process – I will show the before/after stages below.

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Custom Curtain Wall Junctions

Creating custom components from scratch using the default tools and saving them as objects is a relatively simple way to extend the content libraries thanks to the File/Libraries and Objects…/Save Selection as… command. However this menu doesn’t list Curtain Wall Junctions as an option.
As ARCHICAD 22 is on the way with its improved Curtain Wall functions, it is worth going through the trick of converting an existing SketchUp component for example into an ARCHICAD Curtain Wall Junction. (The method is the same when modeling it from scratch with ARCHICAD tools.)cwj14

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