Parametric Object Creation for ARCHICAD 23 with Grasshopper

GDL scripting has its beauties, but it’s definitely not for everyone and in general it would be nice to be able to create parametric objects in ARCHICAD more easily. Grasshopper and the Live Connection can help with this up to a certain point by creating actual ARCHICAD objects, like the lamp below for example – not just transferring the geometries as ARCHICAD tools.


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Polygon Reduction in ARCHICAD

If your model is feeling laggy or sluggish, especially in 3D, it may be due to a high number of polygons in the model and on-screen. For example, when navigating in 3D, there is a drop of frames (image stutters).
This article can help you to identify, prevent and reduce polygons in your model, and have a leaner and more efficient model to work with.

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Schedules with Zero Values

ARCHICAD Schedules can only list existing elements by default, but we can use a bit of a trick to go around this behaviour and list what is not really there as well. This is needed sometimes when the user wants to create a schematic section for example or just list different types of areas. This is typically an item created manually in AutoCAD or Excel, where the different areas of unit types can be added onto different stories and if a unit doesn’t exist on a particular level it can be set as 0.00 or left blank. This – to show zeros – is not an option in ARCHICAD as the Schedules only list what is there and not what is not, therefore the item would simply be missing from the Schedule instead of showing up as “none”, zero or anything like that. Makes sense from the software’s point of view, but still… we need something like that. Or this:


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Using Geometry Information as Scheduling Criteria

This is to follow up the post earlier on Multiple Area Units in Zone Stamps and take the next step after converting the area units – it is going to be a very short one 🙂
As you have seen in that post, we converted the area to a different unit than the default as an Element Property by using Expressions in order to display it in Zone Stamps. This is a great thing because such a resulting Property can be used for various purposes: initially to be shown in the Zone Stamps (or Labels, Autotexts, etc.) regardless of what dimensioning preferences we have globally or use it in Schedules as well. And here comes the next step: normally geometry-related properties are just handled as derived information for takeoffs (Fields), but cannot be used as Criteria. Especially with relations. This changes right away if the geometry is available as a Property!

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Multiple Area Units in Zone Stamps

I initially wanted to include three topics in one post, then I realized it would be easier to find them later if they were broken down into shorter parts, though they could be related as well. Let’s start with displaying different area units in Zone Stamps – this is a common request in several countries.

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